Incheon Int'l Airport -> 1hrs -> Gimhae Int'l Airport
Incheon Int'l Airport -> 3hrs 40mins -> Busan Station(KTX)
Incheon Int'l Airport -> 5hrs -> Busan Central Bus Terminal
Gimpo Int'l Airport -> 1hrs -> Gimhae Int'l Airport
Gimpo Int'l Airport -> 21mins -> Seoul Station(KTX) -> 2hrs 45mins -> Busan Station(KTX)
Gimhae Int'l Airport -> BEXCO
50mins, 55mins, 45mins
Busan Station(KTX) -> BEXCO
45mins, 30mins, 40mins
Busan Central Bus Terminal -> BEXCO
50mins, 40mins, 40mins
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By Air By Train By Bus  
Access to Busan
International Line
Country City Duration Weekly Country City Duration Weekly
Cambodai Siem Reap 4hrs 50mins 9 times Japan Nagoya 1hrs 30mins 7 times
China Macau 3hrs 45mins 3 times Tokyo(Narita) 2hrs 20mins 35 times
Guangzhou 3hrs 40mins 4 times Sapporo 2hrs 55mins 3 times
Nanjing 1hrs 55mins 3 times Okinawa 1hrs 55mins 3 times
Beijing 2hrs 30mins 19 times Osaka(Kansai) 1hrs 30mins 35 times
Shanghai(Pudong 1hrs 50mins 26 times Fukuoka 55mins 35 times
Xian 2hrs 50mins 2 times Malaysia Kuala Lumpur 6h 15min 4 times
Shenyang 2hrs 10mins 8 times Philippines Manila 3hrs 55mins 18 times
Yanji 2hrs 50mins 5 times Cebu 4hrs 20mins 13 times
Yantai 1hrs 40mins 3 times Kalibo 5hrs 45mins 8 times
Zhangjiajie 3hrs 15mins 2 times Russia Vladivostok 1hrs 4 times
Qingdao 1hrs 40mins 18 times Taiwan Kaohsiung 2hrs 30mins 5 times
Hangzhou 2hrs 2 times Taipei(Taoyuan) 2hrs 20mins 25 times
Hongkong 3hrs 5mins 27 times Thailand Bangkok 5hrs 50mins 19 times
Vietnam Hanoi 3hrs 50mins 14 times


Guam 7hrs 50mins 6 times
Ho Chi Minh 4hrs 40mins 7 times Saipan 3hrs 50mins 2 times
※ Schedule may be subject to change.
City Duration Weekly City Duration Weekly
Incheon International Line 1hrs 8 times Gimpo(Seoul) Domestic Line 1hrs 27 times
※ Schedule may be subject to change.
Access to Venue (Gimhae Int'l Airport -> BEXCO)
From Gimhae International Airport
Taxi ㆍDistance 26.87km / Approx 45 mins
ㆍFare : KRW 20,000 ~ 30,000 (Approx. USD 18 ~ 27)
Airport Limousine ㆍGimhae International Airport → BEXCO
ㆍBuses every 20 minutes, to BEXCO and Haeundae New Town
ㆍ(From BEXCO) First bus : 05:22 / Last bus : 20:32
  (From Airport) First bus : 06:45 / Last bus : 22:00
   * The schedule is subject to change and dependent upon traffic condition.
ㆍFare : Adult KRW 7,000 (Approx. USD 6.5) / Children KRW 4,500 (Approx. USD 4) / Approx 50mins
Bus City bus 307
ㆍGimhae International Airport (International terminal or Domestic terminal) → BEXCO
ㆍFare : KRW 1,200 (Approx. USD 1) / Approx 1 hour 28 mins
Subway ㆍAirport Station(Busan-Gimhae Line) →Sasang Station(Line 2) → Centum City Station : Exit No.1
ㆍFare : KRW 2,000 (Apporx. USD 2) / Approx 55mins
Subway Lines
Gimhae Int'l Airport International Terminal
Gimhae Int'l Airport Domestic Terminal