Yeong Bin Gwan
The inside wood interior, which reproduces a traditional beauty, gives off an atmosphere of a high quality Korean-style house. The food is clean and is not provocative, so even foreigners who try Korean food for the first time can enjoy it without a problem. In addition, the food is served on brass plates and white porcelain, providing a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds
Location Jung-gu, Gwangbok-ro, 97th Avenue 17
Inquiry +82-51-246-0328
Transportation Line 1 Nampodong Station exit 7 / 300m (within 5 min walk) next to Busan Hotel
Open 10:00~22:00 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok 3-day holidays

Geumsu Bokguk
In 1970, Geumsu Blowfish Soup invented blowfish soup served in an earthen pot for the first time and it has kept their traditional taste for 42 years. Its characteristics are the freshness of the original ingredients and all of their sauces and pastes are prepared by hand. The crunchy bean sprouts and soft blowfish fillet harmonize to stimulate the appetite. The clean and stuffing soup is perfect for relieving a hangover.
Location Haeundae-gu, Jungdong-1-ro, 43rd Avenue 23
Inquiry +82-51-742-3600
Transportation Line 2 Haeundae Station exit 1 / 700m (within 10min walk) in front of Seoul Oncheon Hotel rear entrance
Open closed on Lunar New Years and Chuseok holidays

Geobukseon Hoet Jip
You can feel the cool waves of sound and the smell of the sea and enjoy a meal in the Turtle Ship Sushi Restaurant. It has helped preserve the traditions and tastes for two generations. Only fresh fish is served. With a red pepper paste made by hand, many seasonings are mixed and aged for 6 months to prepare the red pepper paste with vinegar, to stimulate the mouth with a savory taste. Vegetables raised in their own garden add more freshness.
Location Haeundae-gu, Dalmaji-gil, 62nd Avenue 69
Inquiry +82-51-741-8850~1
Transportation Line 2 Jungdong Station exit 7 / 1.4km (20 min walk) or use taxi
Open 11:00~23:00 closed on Lunar New Years and Chuseok holidays

Haerim Galbi
This meat restaurant is famous for its 23-year tradition. The mystery of their old taste lies on the top class Korean beef that is fermented at -3 degrees temperature on direct delivery from the origin. Also the hardwood charcoal and casting gridiron that they directly ordered from Gangwon-Do awakens the true taste of meat. Hand-made soybean paste’s taste, all sorts of salty fish and clean side dishes are other specialties that you can only feel in Haerim Galbi.
Location Dongnae-gu, Chabatgol-ro 41
Inquiry +82-51-554-0037
Transportation Line 1 Myeongryun Station exit 5 / 1km (within 10 min)
Open 12:00~22:30 closed on Lunar New Year’s and Chuseok holidays

Daege-Chon(king crab town) in Gijang Market
Daege-Chon(a king crab town) is located in Gijang Market where you'll enjoy seeing a traditional standing market and meeting simple-mannered people of the country
Location Gijang Market, Daera-ri. Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun

Dongnae Halmae Pajeon
This #1 Busan folk restaurant has continued its popularity for four generations. ‘Dongnae green-onion pancake’ is the native local food designated by Busan city, which is made with the regional local specialties of green-onion and seafood. In the age of Chosun, it was even served to kings. That is how much it has the deep taste of tradition. Only the heart of green-onion is used, so it’s soft not too strong, and fresh seafood is also mixed to make you feel the taste of spring.
Location Dongnae-gu, Myeongryun-ro, 94th Avenue 43-10
Inquiry +82-51-552-0792
Transportation Line 1 Dongnae Station exit 2 toward Dongnae-gu Office 1km (10 min walk)
Open 12:00~22:00
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