Situated on the southern coast of South Korea, Busan serves as a major gateway to travelers from all over the world. Diverse and fascinating, the city is increasingly attracting interests for its eclectic events spanning the worlds of business, arts, sports and politics. As a result, Busan is experiencing a tremendous rise in the number of conference inquiries and actual bookings.
The natural environment of Busan is a perfect example of harmony between mountain, river and sea. Its geography includes a coastline with superb beaches and scenic cliffs and mountains, which provide excellent hiking courses and extraordinary views.
Gwangan Bridge(Diamond Bridge)
Address Gwangan-dong, Suyong-gu
Telephone 82-51-780-0077
Subway Metro Line 2 Gwangan (Exit 3 & 5)
→ 700m to Gwangalli Beach
When you drive across Gwangan Bridge on a fine day, you can see the best tourist attractions of Busan at a glance, including the Oryukdo Islands, Dongbaek Island and Dalmajigil Road. At night, this creates a very attractive atmosphere with all the bright lights of the city. In October, when the “Busan Festival of Light”takes place, Gwangan Bridge is more beautiful than ever.
UN Memorial Cemetery
Address 93, UN pyeonghwa-ro, Nam-gu
Telephone 82-51-625-0625
Subway Metro Line 2 Daeyeon Station (Exit 3 & 5) → UN Memorial Cementary → proceed 400m towards the UN Memorial Cementary
This is a unique cemetery, the only one of its kind in the world, and the resting place of more than 2,300-plus UN soldiers who lost their lives during the Korean War to protect the freedom and peace of the Republic of Korea. The Memorial Hall in the park displays information relevant to the activities of the countries involved, while the monument to the deceased carries a list of the names of the UN soldiers who fell during the War.
Gwangalli Beach
Address 219, Gwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu
Telephone 82-51-622-4251
Subway Metro Line 2 Gwangan Station (Exit 3 or 5) → go 700m towards Gwangalli Beach
The passion of summer is beautiful at Gwangalli Beach. The beach is in good harmony with Gwangan Bridge which spans the bay, and the night view of the sea from the beach is exceptionally beautiful. During the summer, many festive activities and interesting events take place on streets and outdoor stages in the area near Gwangalli Beach
Nurimaru APEC House
Address 116, Dongbaek-ro, Haeundae-gu
Telephone 82-51-744-3140
Subway Metro Line 2, Dongbaek Station. (Exit 1) → Busan Westin-Chosun HoTelephone → Dongbaek Park
In harmony with the exquisite scenery of Dongbaek Island, the venue of the APEC Summit Conference overlooks Haeundae Beach and the beautiful landscape around Gwangan Bridge. Another attraction that you should not miss is the traditionalstyled Korean pavilion re-built with a modern architectural touch.
BUSAN Aquarium
Address 266, Haeundaehaebyeon-ro, Haeundae-gu
Telephone 82-51-740-1700
Subway Metro Line 2, Haeundae Station (Exit 5) → proceed 500 m towards Haeundae Beach
The largest aquarium in Korea, right on Haeundae Beach, has 99 tanks and one main aquarium storing over 3,000 tons of water. The state-of-the art facilities permit the visitors to enjoy firsthand the marine ecology, such as at the touch pool.
Yongdusan Park
Address 13, Daecheong-ro 116beon-gil, Jung-gu
Telephone 82-51-860-7820
Subway Metro Line 1 (Exit 1) → Gwangbokro Fashion Street → Ride the escalator
This park, which can be early reached from Gwangbokro by escalator, provides a space for relaxation in the downtown. In this park, Busan Tower, an icon of the city, stands in staTelephoney glory. The night view of the beautiful Busan harbor from the 120-meter-high observation deck is unique and gorgeous.
BUSAN Cinema Center
Address 120, Suyeonggangbyeon-daero, Haeundae-gu
Telephone 82-51-741-6833
The 'Home of Cinema in Busan' is located within the Centum City Industrial Complex in Haeundaegu. The hall is 54,335㎡ . The main building is 9 stories high. The hall consists of 3 theaters, 'Cine Mountain' which is a multi-purpose performance space where you can enjoy movies, musicals and concerts, 'an Outdoor Performance Space' where the opening and closing ceremonies of the Busan International Film Festival' are held, 'an Outdoor Square' and 'BIFF Hill' where BIFF headquarters is located.
Jagalchi Market
Address 52, Jagalchihaean-ro, Jung-gu
Telephone 82-51-713-8000
Subway Metro Line 1 Jagalchi Station (Exit 10) → entrance to Jagalchi Market
In the Jagalchi Marktet you hear the merchants shout “Oiso, boiso, saiso!” (meaning “Come, look and buy!”) in the typical Busan dialect. Jagalchi is full of the warmth of character unique to Busan. The largest fish market in the Southeast region, Jagalchi Market sells a full range of marine products including fresh catches of fish and good quality dried fish at excellent prices.
Address 257, Jeonmang-ro, Yeongdo-gu
Telephone 82-51-405-2004
Subway Metro Line 1 Busan Station (Exit 7) → Bus 88, 101 → Taejongdae Terminus
Taejongdae, a park located at the southern end of Yongdo Island, commands magnificent views. The name Taejongdae comes from the fact that King Taejong Muyol of the Shilla Dynasty was infatuated with this scenery and made frequent visits to this area. This location is the closest point to the Japanese island of Tsushima, which you can see from Taejongdae on a fine day.
Haeundae Beach
Address Jung-dong, Haeundae-gu
Telephone 82-51-749-5700
Subway Metro Line 2, Haeundae Station (Exit 3 or 5) → Walk approximaTelephoney 600m towards Haeundae Beach
Busan's No.1 beach, Haeundae boasts an emerald seascape, fine sandy beach and beautiful attractions. With its hot springs and excellent recreational facilities, it is also one of the most visited places in Korea with 500,000 to 600,000 tourists every summer.