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We offer various tour programs meet the “Five Senses Satisfaction” during August 7 – 14, 2015 IUPAC 48th General Assembly and 45th World Chemistry Congress.

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Old Downtown in Busan (Modern and Contemporary History)
Place for the art and history, Gamcheon Culture Village, Gijang Pottery Hall

Traditional Culture
Rich tradition and cultural heritages, Beomeosa Buddhist Temple and Headong Yonggungsa Temple

Experience tour in various themes to know local culture (Pottery, Temple-stay)

Eco & Healing
Comfort your body and soul while looking around the Eulsukdo-Island and Nakdonggang-river Estuary where eco-system is well preserved

Specialized marine tourism programs that are only available in Busan
Time Aug. 6(Thu) Aug. 7(Fri) Aug. 8(Sat) Aug. 9(Sun) Aug. 10(Mon) Aug. 11(Tue) Aug. 12(Wed) Aug. 13(Thu) Aug. 14(Fri)
09:00-12:00 FD1 FD2 WT1 WT2 FD1 FD2   FD1 FD2 FD1
13:00-17:00 PM
18:00-21:00 NT1 NT2     NT1 NT2 NT1 NT2 NT1
Program Code Content
Half-day Tour PM1 City of ocean leisure, experience Busan’s ocean.
PM2 Hear the true stories of middle class Busan citizens.
PM3 Healing, touring and shopping. All in one vacation
PM4 Beomeosa, History of 1,300 years
Full-day Tour FD1 Eco Tour
FD2 Healing, touring and shopping. All in one Tour
Night Tour NT1 Night View Tour
NT2 Cruise Tour
Weekend Tour WT1 The island of wind, Geoje Island
WT2 Feel the spirit of Shilla, thousand year capital Gyeongju
This is for reserving optional tours only. You may apply for Official Tour Program (Half-day Tour) when you register.
Half-day Tour Full-day Tour Night Tour Weekend Tour  
PM1. City of Ocean Leisure, Busan
Date / Time Aug. 12 (Wed), 13:00-18:00
*Schedules are subject to change due to traffic, weather conditions and any other unforeseen reasons.
Itinerary BEXCO – UN Memorial Cemetery – Oryukdo Islands–Igidae Park – BEXCO
Tour includes Private bus, English speaking guide
UN Memorial Cemetery
This is a unique cemetery, the only one of its kind in the world, and the resting place of more than 2,300-plus UN soldiers who lost their lives during the Korean War to protect the freedom and peace of the Republic of Korea. The Memorial Hall in the park displays information relevant to the activities of the countries involved, while the monu ment to the deceased carries a list of the names of the UN soldiers who fell during the War
Oryukdo Islands
When you look at Oryukdo Islands jutting up in the middle of the endless sea, your eyes and heart will feel completely refreshed. As the 5 tiny islands clustered together in the sea become 6 at high tide, it has come to be called Oryukdo, meaning five or six islands, in Korean. When day breaks at Haemaji Park, the rays of sunlight above the cloudsand the waves of the ocean look more beautiful. As the seasons change, cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums and rape blossoms go into full bloom in turn.
Igidae Park
The park, with its rugged cliffs, and lush greenery, is visited by many tourists as it is easily accessible and has a walking trail with outstanding scenery. The red camellia flowers blooming all over the park in the spring are particularly beautiful
PM2. Glimpse of Life of Middle Class Busan.
Date / Time Aug. 12 (Wed), 13:00-18:00
*Schedules are subject to change due to traffic, weather conditions and any other unforeseen reasons.
Itinerary BEXCO– Gukje Market–Jagalchi Market – Gamcheon Cultural Village – BEXCO
Tour includes Private bus, English speaking guide
Gukje Market
This is the most important traditional market in Busan.
It opened shortly after the country’s liberation from Japan, and became fully established following the Korean War. After entering the city at Busan Port, various imported goods are distributed and sold through this market to the rest of the country.
Due to its location adjoining other retail districts such as Kkangtong Market, Changsun Shopping Mall, and Manmulei Street, which literally means “street selling everything.” this area is always full of life.
Jagalchi Market
In the Jagalchi Marktet you will hear the familiar sound of merchants shouting “Oiso, boiso, saiso!” which means “Come, look and buy!” in the local Busan dialect. Jagalchi is also full of the warmth and kindness that is typically found among the residents of Busan.
As the largest fish market in the Southeast region, Jagalchi Market sells a full range of marine products including fresh catches of fish and quality dried fish at excellent prices
Gamcheon Cultural Village
This village, where houses ascend up the mountainside like a staircase and alleyways crisscross along the area’s gentle slopes, creates a distinctive landscape that cannot be found anywhere else.
The village itself is a piece of art and popular tourist attraction thanks to the formative artwork built throughout its narrow paths by resident artists.
PM3. Healing, Touring and Shopping. All in One Vacation
Date / Time Aug. 12 (Wed), 13:00-18:00
*Schedules are subject to change due to traffic, weather conditions and any other unforeseen reasons.
Itinerary BEXCO – Dalmaji-gil Road – Haedong Yonggungsa Temple–Busan Premium Outlets –BEXCO
Tour includes Private bus, English speaking guide
Dalmaji-gil Road
Dalmaji-gil Road is a small walkway that curves its way to Songjeong Beach. The road boasts beautiful cherry blossoms and pine trees, which are located just beyond Haeundae Beach, on the slopes of Mt. Wausan. The landscape, with its blue sea and sandy seashores, is famous for its beauty and is sure to be a favorite among tourists and locals alike for a long time to come. Roughly eight kilometers of roadway stretch along the Dalmaji Hill and at its peak is a clock tower, representing the marine city of Busan as it stretches up to the sky and reaches out to the world.
Haedong Yonggungsa Temple
This temple, which looks as if it were rising out of the deep blue sea, continues to attract visitors because of the legend that says this place will grant wishes to those who pray. Images of the Chinese zodiac signs and sexagenarian cycle are also enshrined here. In an effort to spread peace and well-being, a tower wishing for traffic safety has been installed at this temple.
Busan Premium Outlets
You can use the map for Busan Premium Outlets to find more than 180 stores, featuring designer and name brands, convenience facilities such as the Information Center, restaurants, restrooms, coin lockers, repair shop, and other services. Print this map in advance for greater convenience when visiting Busan Premium Outlets.
PM4. Beomeosa, History of 1,300 years
Date / Time Aug. 12 (Wed), 13:00-18:00
*Schedules are subject to change due to traffic, weather conditions and any other unforeseen reasons.
Itinerary BEXCO–Beomeosa Temple–Bokcheon Museum– BEXCO
Tour includes Private bus, English speaking guide
Beomeosa Temple
Located at the edge of Mt. Geumjeongsan, Beomeosa Temple is a Buddhist temple built over 1,300 years ago. The temple contains numerous cultural artifacts and relics such as the Three story Pagoda with four pillars, and the Main Hall of Daeungjeon(Grand Shrine) which is considered one of the most delicate architectures built during the Joseon Dynasty. These two cultural properties are also considered Treasure No. 434 along with lljumun that is located in the temple as one of the pillars.
Bokcheon Museum
This Museum introduces to the spectator of the superiority and the importance of our traditional cultures as well as showing the aspect of Gaya cultures in ancient Busan area. The three main exhibition area, are consisted of details during the Three Hans Period and the Kingdoms Period as well as Bokcheon-dong Tombs located outside. While visiting Busan, experience the historical museums and their beauty which can be as much as fun and joyful than experiencing the modern cultures of Busan.